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SSH began as the glint of possibilities in the eye of a young architect five decades ago. After graduating from the American University in Beirut, Sabah Abi-Hanna, on the advice of a professor, turned down an offer to work with the renowned Harry Seidler and took a job with the ministry of public works in Kuwait, a place he’d barely heard of before a summer internship the previous year. Kuwait had begun commercial shipments of oil in 1946 and by the 1950s a tidal wave of development had caused the historic port town to burst out through the old city wall into the desert.

SSH operates within strict legal and ethical guidelines in all our activities. We provide a challenging and rewarding environment for all employees and maintain a sharp focus on professional excellence, health and safety, as well as environmental awareness. It is our mission to work together to shape future environments through innovation, creativity and collaboration.

SSH International Careers

Explore rewarding careers with SSH International, a global leader in architectural and engineering consultancy. Join a dynamic team of professionals shaping iconic structures worldwide. Our firm emphasizes innovation, sustainability, and cutting-edge design. With diverse projects across sectors, from infrastructure to healthcare, SSH offers opportunities for growth, collaboration, and impact. Elevate your career with SSH International and contribute to the future of transformative architecture and engineering solutions. Apply today for a fulfilling and impactful professional journey.

We are committed to strengthening relationships built on trust and integrity, ensuring long-term stakeholder value is added through the realisation of our vision. SSH demonstrates tenacity to set and follow through on targets until the task is completed to the highest standards.

Opportunities of SSH International

Discover exciting opportunities at SSH International, a global architectural and engineering consultancy. Join our dynamic team and contribute to innovative projects across diverse sectors. Explore growth, collaboration, and impactful roles that shape the future of design and engineering. Elevate your career with SSH International. Apply now for rewarding opportunities that fuel professional development and global impact.

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How to Apply

The Company hire many applicants in Middle East Countries. If you are ready to join this company you can apply for job through SSH International career page. So, explore your dream career with SSH International and to be the part of the company, Immediately send your latest CV today to the company.

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